Historical Geology


Plate Tectonics
Colliding Continents Film Review
Plate Earth: Living Machine Film Review
Plate Tectonics Study Sheet
Dynamic Earth Interactive
What Happens at Plate Boundaries?
Plate Tectonics Lab - Vocab, Puzzle, Evidence, Plate Map, Types of Boundaries
Age of the Hawaiian Islands Lab
Plate Tectonic Study Guide & Plate Tectonics Vocab

Earthquake and Tsunami Lab
Deadliest Earthquakes Film Review
Earthquakes: Recent Events, Parts, and Causes and Effects Lab
Earthquakes: Plotting Using Latitude and Longitude, Locations, and Patterns Lab
Virtual Earthquake Lab
Mercalli Lab
Most Famous Earthquakes Case Report

Volcanoes Study Sheet
The Power of Volcanoes Film Review
Volcano Hazards Lab
We’re Barely Listening to the U.S.’s Most Dangerous Volcanoes
Volcanic Landforms Lab
World's Most Famous Volcanoes Case Report

Mass Wasting
Mass Wasting Film Review
Mass Wasting Study Sheet
World's Most Famous Mass Wasting Events Case Report and Really Long Title
Mass Wasting Lab

Population Pyramid Case Report
Population Lab

Powering the Planet
The Cost of Modern Energy Resources
Energy and Power Lab
Energy Vocabulary
Energy Resources Current Event + Case Report
Blueprint for a Carbon-Free World
Energy Study Guide - Keller
Tetraethyl Lead Case History
Mining the Navajo Nation Case History
Gasland Film Review / Gasland, Part II
Power Project & Power Project Rubric

Mineral Resources
Critical Minerals
Minerals Film Review
Gold King Mine Disaster Case History
Economic Mineral Lab
Identifying Economic Minerals Lab
Mineral Resources Study Guide - Keller
Mineral Resources Vocab
Mineral Resources & Mining in Arizona Lab
Zombie Mines

Climate Change
En-ROADS Climate Simulator
Earth: The Operator's Manual Film Review
Historical CO2 Lab
Climate Change Impacts lab
Before the Flood Film Review
Graphing the Relationship Between CO2 & Temperature
Carbon Footprint Calculator
Resisting Scientific Misinformation
Source Reliability and Climate Change
Climate Myths Case Report

Water Resources
Minamata Case History
Water Resources Study Guide
Groundwater Film Review
Water Pollution Study Guide
Water Footprint Lab
Eager Beaver Case History
Water Resources Film Review
Colorado River, Pt 1 Case History / Colorado River, Pt 2 Case History
Water Pollution Lab
Lake Wales Lab
Porosity-Permeability Lab
Water Resources Current Event + Case Report
Water Resources Lecture Slides
How Wolves Regenerate Rivers + Delta Erosion
Beyond the Mirage Film Review

Soil & Deserts
Soil Carbon Cowboys Case History
Grazing & Soil Film Review
Famine in the Sahel

Waves Film Review

Unnatural Disasters Project
Unnatural Disasters, Pt 1: Sources & Research Findings
Unnatural Disasters, Pt 2
Unnatural Disasters, Part 3
Critical Research Project, Part IV: The Letter - Form for Thought
Critical Research Forum, 9:30 AM - Agave Room / Alternate Assignment - Make Up
Critical Research Letter - Peer Edit
Critical Research Letter - Submit & Mail


The topical outline below will adapt over time. This is the outline for a face-to-face class and will change depending on the interests of our class.