Verde Salt Mines

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Directions - Going north from Phoenix on I-17, as you approach Camp Verde take the Gen. Crook Trail Exit east. Turn right after about 1.5 miles on Oasis Road. Soon after, turn right on Salt Mine Road. In less than a mile, you'll notice the white hills and a small pullout to the right. Park well off the road. Read the BLM signs and enjoy.

Background - This area is part of an old lake formed in the Verde Valley. Runoff was caught behind a natural dam and the water would evaporate, leaving the salts behind. Today, you can find gypsum and halite, but you'll have to dig to find the halite as it is easily dissolved. For best hunting, climb up the hillside and explore.

To test a mineral carefully, moisten your fingertip, rub it on the mineral, then lightly taste your fingertip.

1. The site.
2. Kids and hills - a great way to start a field trip.
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4. I found....something.

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