My primary reference for this work was my own experience. I grew up in Winslow and have walked, biked, crawled and driven over much of this area.

Before any field study with students, I visit and hike the sites we are to visit, noting features of interest, cautions, and forming an understanding of the places in my own mind. I take digital photos, and, with my Macintosh hooked to the classroom monitor, get the kids curious about the sites before we ever visit. You might consider doing the same. If you're a teacher, this preparation is tax deductible!


A good reference work on Arizona geology is Geology of Arizona by Dale Nations and Ed Stump of NAU. Another enjoyable work is Roadside Geology of Arizona by Halka Chronic.

A well-written geologic history of this area is available at the Sedona Web Cam site.


Two good books for use with students are Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars by Patrick Moore and Why the North Star Stands Still by William Palmer.


Thanks to Dr. Steven Reynolds and Julia Johnson of ASU for a great class (GEO 501: Geology of Arizona) and for their support of this project.

Many thanks also to the EXCELLENT sponsor team. They are awesome: Bobby Jones, Susan 'Pizza' Izzarelli, Michelle Cooper, and the OSCAR student mentee, Jason Gerrard.

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