A Break at Last!

Spending the night in the forest is always fun with a bunch of kids..and a good time to star watch and reflect on the day. We stayed in the Coconino National Forest south of Winona and did not need a fire. You can teach your kids about no-trace camping while here.

Directions - From the I-40/Winona intersection, go south the right along the cinder cone south of the highway. The paved road will turn left and will end soon. Continue south into the Pinon and Juniper forest. There are no facilities.

1. Setting up camp.
2. Sponsors get to relax...ahh....
3. Ryan finds a good place among the juniper and piñon, creating a bear alarm. Yes, he put all the branches back in the morning. No trees were harmed in the making of this site. All cans were collected in accordance with the recommendations of the Aluminum Manufacturers Association.

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