Northern Arizona Geology Discovery

Itinerary and Forms

This trip is designed for two days in Central and Northern Arizona. Click on the map to the right to view a larger image of the territory covered.

Day 1 - Verde Salt Mine, Schnebly Hill, and Camping
Day 2 - Merriam or Sheba Crater, Grand Falls and Montezuma's Well

A more detailed itinerary and permission form are available as a PDF documents.

What to Bring

Change of Clothes/Shoes - ones you don't mind messing up, the water at Grand Falls may stain
Warm clothing for night - Elevation is about 5,000'
Medications (give to teacher)
Water Bottles (2 one liter bottles are fine) and Water
Sack Lunch
Snacks - for first day and second looong day at Grand Falls
Food $ - $15 should be adequate
Sleeping Bag
Ground Pad - it is cold at night
Tent - choose your tent mates
Star Chart
Trash bags (grocery bags, 2 each)


Extra Water
First Aid Kit
2 Large Ground Tarps
Trash Bags - collecting litter along the way
Dilute HCl
Star Charts
Flashlight/Laser Pointer (for pointing out constellations)


We rented 15 passenger vans from U-Save in Phoenix - (602) 267-9505. Their daily rate including 200 miles/day was $80.00, extra miles at $.25/mile. In addition, we had an extra private truck. There would be no way to get all this stuff into 2 vans. Emphasize the need to pack light!


If you have comments or questions, contact Jeff Simpson at North Canyon High School.

Verde Salt Mine | Schnebly Hill | Overnight | Cinder Cones | Grand Falls | Montezuma's Well