Northern Arizona Geology Discovery

Field Trip in a Can®

One of the challenges that prevents teachers from taking students on field studies, is all the preparation. This site is designed to alleviate some of that work and to encourage more FIELD experiences with the kids. The following pages include a sample schedule, maps, images and ideas for discussion at each of the sites in the itinerary.

This Field Trip in a Can is designed for middle and high school teachers and students who want to learn some of the geology of central and northern Arizona.

To begin, just click on 'Introduction' below to view the documentation and images in your browser. The images on the following pages are 'thumbnails'. To view a larger image, just click each thumbnail.

My only request is that you leave each site cleaner than you found it. In particular, if you could haul out plastic from the base of Grand Falls, we could make a difference AND teach what I believe to be an important value to our students. That is the only donation you need make.

Introduction and Map

Verde Salt Mine

Schnebly Hill


Sheba and Merriam Crater

Grand Falls

Montezuma's Well

References and Acknowledgements

Gift of Understanding the Earth